United Engineers Building & Road Contracting

Key Statements

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide quality service in an efficient and professional manner to ensure safety and comfort. At United Engineers, we focus at continually improvement and customer satisfaction.

Vision Statement

To be an organization that provide all deliverables in accordance with International and local standards, where continuous and measurable improvement in services is the standard and culture of the company.

Implementation of ISO-9001
In order to improve our management quality to meet customer demands and satisfaction, United Engineers has decided to implement and maintane Quality Management System ISO - 9001.

Our Services

  • Road and Street Contracting
  • All kind of Building Contracting
  • Transportation Services
  • Building and Road Material Supplier


United Engineer is a professional civil engineering and development contracting company. If you have qualifications that would benefit our company, please send your CV along with Cover letter to careers@uengineers.com